Craft beer from around the world, fine selections of wine, and all the good times at once.


Our taps
Largest selection of craft beers within the area, featuring over 25 taps. Hand selected with the best beers around.
Cans & Bottles
We're not just a tap room. We're bringing you some of the rarest, weirdest beers from around the world. All available to take away.
Wines, wines, wines.
Huge selections with some of finest wines, rosé and champagnes around.
Food Snacks
From our popular cheese & charcuterie board, to beer sticks to accompany your 2/3rds. We've got you covered.


The basics

From the small idea of opening a craft beer tap room. To the big plans and success of Blind Tiger Craft beer | Wine bar & coffee shop. It all stems from a love of craft beer and being able to bring something that Peterborough has never seen before. A great & friendly atmosphere, and the cruelest craft beers.

FoundersNeil & Jason

Why the name?BLIND TIGER

A name we thought fit. Back in the days of Al Capone and the American prohibition (1920-1933), Speakeasies ran rampant throughout the cities. They were places to buy illegal alcohol and party. In addition to Speakeasies, Blind Tigers and Blind Pigs emerged.

Now although legal, and after the global pandemic of COVID-19, we thought Blind Tiger was the perfect name for a bar we opened during a national lockdown & closure of all shops, bars & restaurants.

What does Blind Tiger have?THE RAREST BEER AROUND

With the largest selection of on tap craft beers in the area, and our selection of finest wines from around the world won’t disappoint. And with our new canning option, we can deliver and offer take outs in much cleaner, safer packaging, and allowing our customers to have the best tasting beer in the town straight from a can!

We also offer a large selection of cocktails & spirits but don’t worry we not just all about alcohol, we’re expert coffee lovers too. We wanted to bring the best of both worlds. We aim to help you wake up in the morning with some mean coffee roasts and let loose with the best beers!